Steps To Take If A Dental Crown Falls Off A Tooth

If a dental crown falls off one of your teeth while you are eating dinner, pain may greet you as you bite down on the food. You can alleviate the discomfort by covering the damaged area with the following steps. After you feel at ease, set up an appointment with a dental professional to have the tooth checked and a new crown installed.


  • ​mirror 
  • dental pick
  • mouthwash
  • black teabag
  • gauze
  • scissors
  • aspirin
  • dental filling material (that contains zinc oxide)
  • cotton swab
  • disposable gloves

Remove All Fragments And Reduce Swelling

Look in a mirror to visually inspect the tooth that is missing the crown. If any fragments of it are stuck in the damaged portion of your tooth, loosen and remove them with a dental pick. Rinse your mouth out well with mouthwash when finished to ensure that you have eliminated all of the pieces of the crown. If the tooth is causing you discomfort and you notice that there is swelling in the gum line, heat up a black tea bag and apply it to the painful area. Place a piece of gauze over the tea bag to help hold it in place.

The tea contains tannin, an organic substance that is found in some plants. It naturally reduces swelling as well as moderate pain. Remove and dispose of the teabag when you are comfortable. Take a couple aspirin if you are experiencing extreme pain.

Fill The Hole

Use dental filling material that contains zinc oxide to cover the damaged part of the tooth. Cover your hands with gloves to prevent germ exposure to your mouth. Apply a small amount of the filling material to the hole with a cotton swab. Spread the material out until it is even with the rest of your tooth and does not feel awkward in your mouth. Wait for the dental material to dry. This may take a few hours. Test the material's surface with the end of a cotton swab to determine how hard it is.

After the material feels stiff, you can eat, chew, swallow, and sleep with it in your mouth. Make an appointment with a dental professional to have your tooth examined. The dentist will be able to cover it with a new crown. After the procedure is finished, your tooth will look the same as the other ones. For more information, contact Malwin & Malwin Family Dentistry or a similar location.