2 Tips For Preventing Your Child From Experiencing Early Tooth Loss Caused By Tooth Decay

While your child's first teeth are important for chewing food, they also have other major functions. Your child's first teeth will serve as spacers for their permanent teeth. If these teeth fall out prematurely, then their permanent teeth are more likely to grow in crooked or crowded. This can result in a number of issues with chewing food and speaking. In addition, this can also lead to dental diseases in the future. Children lose their teeth prematurely for a number of reasons, one of the biggest reasons is tooth decay. Fortunately, early tooth loss can be prevented using a few tips.

Limit Sugary Snacks

Sugary drinks and foods can eat away at a child's teeth the same way that it can wear down adult teeth. Therefore, sugary snacks should be kept to a minimum. If your child feels hungry following a meal, then you can offer them snacks, like carrots, celery and apples, that are more gentle on their teeth. If you do give your child a sugary snack, then avoid allowing them to eat or drink it throughout the entire day. If their teeth are constantly coming in contact with sugar for hours, this will encourage tooth decay. It is better to eat or drink the sugary snack all in one sitting rather than through long stretches of time.

Make Sure They Brush Immediately After Eating

Good dental care habits begin early on. It is important that your child brushes their teeth after every meal. Allowing food to sit on their teeth for hours will only cause bacteria growth and tooth decay. You can make sure that your child's teeth are cleaned by applying a pea-size amount of fluoride toothpaste to their toothbrush and instructing them to brush their teeth for a few minutes. If they eat a number of snacks throughout the day, then you can give them a salt water rinse to help keep their mouth bacteria free until the next time they brush their teeth.

If your child begins to experience loose teeth at an early age, then it is important to see a dentist as quickly as possible. The buildup of bacteria will cause their gums to recede and their teeth will become loose. The teeth will eventually fall out if they are not treated. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that your child does not end up suffering from early tooth loss that is caused by tooth decay.

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