Ceramic Vs Plastic Braces

Braces are a necessity for many individuals, but that doesn't mean that you need to pick a solution that isn't right for you. There are a number of different kinds of braces, each of which offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks. To help you decide which is best, here is a comparison of two popular alternatives to metal braces: ceramic and plastic braces.

What are ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces are a lot like regular metal braces, with the main exception being that they are made out of ceramic instead of metal. Like traditional metal braces, ceramic braces are installed and then adjusted over a long period of time. They cannot be taken out of your mouth, which means that you will need to watch what you eat. If something does get stuck in your braces, then you need to remove it as quickly as possible.

What are plastic braces?

To contrast, plastic braces are removable units that are almost totally invisible. When you first get plastic braces, your dentist will take measurements of your mouth and order the construction of a series of iterative aligners. You will wear the first set, throw them away, wear the second set, throw them away, and so on and so forth.

Once you have completed all of your sets, your dentist will check on your progress and see if any modifications need to be made. You will then be given your next set of aligners.

When are ceramic braces better?

In general, ceramic braces are more useful than regular metal braces because they allow you to conceal the fact that you have braces. If you are unhappy about the idea of having a metal contraption on display whenever you smile, talk, or eat, then ceramic braces are a good choice.

In some situations, plastic braces might not be strong enough to move your teeth to their ideal positions. On the other hand, ceramic braces often can perform better in the same circumstances, which means that they do have some advantages over plastic braces.

When are plastic braces better?

The biggest draw of plastic braces is that they are practically invisible, although their versatility is not to be underestimated. The ability to take out your braces at will can be an immense comfort, since it allows you to give your mouth a rest or eat any food that you want for a short period of time.  Talk to a dentist in your area for more information.