4 Benefits Of Getting Porcelain Veneers

If you want to have the perfect smile, you may need to choose the proper dental procedure to help you meet this goal. Many individuals aren't born with a smile that doesn't have some level of imperfections. However, porcelain veneers are a great way to achieve a nice looking smile without an invasive procedure. Being aware of some of the benefits of choosing this cosmetic procedure may be the motivation you need to get started.

Benefit #1: Added protection

Veneers consist of a thinly laminated porcelain material that is added to your existing teeth. This can be extremely helpful in strengthening your natural teeth during this process since porcelain doesn't decay and since it can cover up cracked or chipped teeth. It's not uncommon for the tooth enamel to deteriorate with age and veneers can be helpful in preventing this. 

Benefit #2: Durability

When it comes to going to the trouble and expense of getting porcelain veneers, you will want to ensure veneers will stand the test of time. The cost of this dental process isn't inexpensive, and you can typically expect to pay $500-$1,100 per tooth to have this done. The good news is that veneers are durable and may last ten years and even longer for most people that properly care for them. They are also more durable than regular filling and composite materials.

Benefit #3: Easy to install and maintain

There are some veneers called "no-prep veneers" that can be bonded easily in one visit since the dentist doesn't have to take as much enamel off of your teeth to place them. These veneers may be covered by your insurance and are easy to maintain since they are incredibly thin like dental sealants. Regular veneers are also easy to maintain as long as they are bonded correctly to your teeth with no gaps between the enamel for bacteria to get into. You will simply need to care for veneers the same way you do your natural teeth, and that's to brush and floss daily.

Benefit #4: Looks natural

Your dentist will work to ensure your veneers match the color of your existing teeth. Also, veneers are usually individually sculpted by a lab technician, so this will provide a natural look that matches the shape of your existing teeth; and the chances of another person noticing these aren't your natural teeth are very slim. Also, if you have sensitive gums and teeth that don't take to whitening gels, your dentist can create a whiter smile out of veneers that's still natural looking.

Being able to have improved teeth is entirely possible when you take the time to get this popular procedure completed. Be sure to consult with a dental provider, like Sumter Family Dental Center PA, to ensure you're a proper candidate for veneers.