A New Nasal Anesthetic May Keep People From Avoiding Necessary Dental Care

Avoiding the dentist is often rooted in fear. Specifically, patients in need of dental care fear the pain of having a long, sharp needle inserted directly into their gums. The terrible irony here is the decision to avoid a little pain leads to far greater pain down the road when a periodontal condition worsens. Good news has arrived for the fearful and anxious in the form of a new FDA-approved drug. The federal agency has given a new nasal anesthetic the green light. In doing so, certain appropriate patients can seek out the care they need without having to worry about needles since there won't be a need for the sharp instruments..

The Approval of the Spray

The newly approve nasal spray is called Kovanaze. The spray eliminates the need for needles when the problem is focused on "half the upper teeth in adults and children". For those who are experiencing problems in these areas, Kovanaze delivers a stress-free solution to worries about pain and needles. For those who legitimately suffer from trypanophonia (needle phobia), a solution finally exists.

A Legitimate Fear

A U.K. study revealed that 8% of the population have a fear of injections. The nasal spray provides an immediate solution to dental patients with such fears. Furthermore, a future problem is curtailed. The study also revealed that bad past experiences with needles keep people from setting up new appointments with the dentist. The nasal spray eliminates the potential for an adult or child to develop an aversion to going to the dentist. 

The Added Preventive Benefit

The new anesthesia does more than deal with the problem at hand. Since the availability of the anesthesia brings people into the dentist's office sooner rather than later, dental problems do not end up progressing into something far worse. A cavity can be treated at an early stage as opposed to when a root canal is unavoidable. In addition to being more intrusive, root canals require more recovery time.

A Cost Saving Benefit

Simple procedures do not come with as much costs as extensive ones. Even with dental insurance, there may be high costs associated with prolonged and complex treatments. Cutting down on the costs associated with dental care makes treatment more accessible as high costs are no longer an impediment to getting work done.

Yes, the new arrival of an intriguing anesthetic drug could lead to many positive outcomes and improved dental care. For more information on dental work, contact a business like Robert L. Edmonstone, DDS.