Upcoming Events & Mouth Emergencies: 3 Benefits Of Immediate Implants

Losing a tooth is traumatic enough as it is, but, if you have an upcoming event, then it can create even more stress and anxiety. Weddings, school events, and public speeches are just a few events that can create self-conscious situations if you have a missing tooth. As an alternative to traditional implants, you have the option of getting immediate implants installed in your mouth. There are multiple differences between these and regular implants, and getting them done quickly can help complete your smile before a big event arrives.

Healing Time

One of the main differences between immediate implants and traditional implants is the healing time. With traditional implants, you must wait for your tooth is to be fully extracted and the gums to heal. In some cases, a dentist may want the bone area to heal as well. This could take several weeks before your mouth is ready for the implant. Immediate implants are designed to install and fuse to your jaw right away. A dental surgeon will remove the broken pieces of tooth and prepare the area for your new implant. Your mouth will then heal around the new implant like it is a natural tooth.

Fewer Appointments

Preparing for big events can take a lot of time and planning. A lot of time can be wasted if you have to go to multiple dental appointments. The process that is used for immediate implants can reduce the number of appointments that you have to go to. This allows you to plan the implant surgery well before the event and not have to worry about scheduling a lot of future appointments.

The first appointment that you make will typically be within days of losing your tooth. When you call a dentist, it's important to request an immediate implant over a traditional one so that the process can get started quickly.

Crown Creation

When you have a regular dental implant placed in your mouth, it can typically take a few weeks before the crown is added. An immediate implant also includes the installation of a crown. This will return your smile to the way it was before the tooth fell out. Dental x-rays and mouth scans will be used to form a crown that matches your natural tooth shape. This allows you to get used to the crown and implant before making your appearance at the public event.

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