3 Tips To Help Children In Daycare Learn Good Dental Habits

As a child care provider, you can help to shape your wards' views on dental health. Teaching good dental health can start early and as an early educator, you can have tremendous influence on how the children view dental health. Here are some tips to help teach your children good dental habits.  

Get the Parents Involved

Consistency is key when teaching young children about the importance of good dental health. Before discussing the subject with the children, talk to their parents. Find out how they are stressing good dental hygiene at home. In addition to picking up tips that have worked for the parents, you can also learn about any special challenges the kids are having with their dental hygiene.  

Consider putting together a handout for parents that discusses how you plan to discuss dental health. The handout is a chance to educate parents who might not be completely aware of how to care for their children's teeth. It also helps the parents understand how you plan to approach the subject in child care.  

Establish a Toothbrushing Station

Since the children are without you throughout the day, you have a chance to help them practice proper dental care. One way to do this is to establish a toothbrushing station that can be used after meals and snacks.  

Maintaining a toothbrushing station can take considerable time and effort, but it is well-worth it. You need to ensure that there are plenty supplies and a sanitary location in which to store them. You also have to be careful with infection control. While working with the children in the toothbrushing station, there needs to be enough staff available to monitor the children both in and out of the station.  

Exhibit Good Dental Behavior

One of the best ways to teach your wards' about dental care is to model good behavior. The children need to see you and your staff brushing and flossing after meals. Everyone also needs to focus on eating foods that are good for your teeth and explaining to the children exactly why.  

A good time to practice good dental care is while the children are in the toothbrushing station. You can demonstrate the right way to brush and floss and ensure they are also doing the same.  

Consult with your dentist for other ways you can help the children in your care understand the importance of good dental care. He or she can help you identify other fun activities that can be useful in child care. Click here for info about dentists.