How Can I Pay for Dental Veneers?

Cosmetic dentistry treatments can be a great thing for improving your appearance and your confidence, and veneers are no exception. But the cost of cosmetic treatments is prohibitive to many people. There are a few things to try when you're interested in a cosmetic veneers treatment; it may be easier to finance than you think.


Many bare bones dental coverage programs won't pay for cosmetic dentistry treatments. Even if your employer health care comes with a set dental plan, it doesn't hurt to ask your HR department if there's anything else available. They may be able to speak with the plan carrier to upgrade your plan for an additional premium to get coverage for a wider range of treatments.

Health Savings Accounts

Health savings accounts are a great idea in general because they allow you to set aside money for health care treatments without paying taxes on that income. It's much easier to spend from a fund that's dedicated to protecting your health than it is to carve out money in your monthly budget or your current checking account.

Healthcare Loans

Certain companies specialize in providing health care loans. These may be available to you even if you don't qualify for other traditional loans due to poor credit. Your dental office might already work with a healthcare loans or credit program, so ask the receptionist.

Credit Cards

It's worth talking to your bank about getting a credit card or increasing the limits on the one you have. Or, you might need to apply for a new card with a different company altogether. Healthcare credit cards may have a less restricted application for those who have low credit and low funds.

These are only a few of the common options for paying for veneers. If you are interested in getting dental work done but unsure of the specifics of affording your treatments, the best resource you can turn to is your dental office. They might be able to recommend payment programs that they've worked with in the past and help you fill out applications. They may also know of social service programs or state funding options for your treatments. Some dentists offer discounts to patients whose insurance won't cover the treatments or whose income is below a certain threshold. An extended payment plan is another option. In short, don't give up on getting cosmetic veneers until you've talked through all of your options with your dentist's office.