What Type of Toothpaste Is Right for You?

All men may be created equal, but that doesn't mean that everyone's mouth is; because dental health is so much at the forefront of current medical science, scientists and dentists are always looking for new ways to encourage people to take care of their teeth. But if, for a number or reasons, plain old toothpaste just isn't doing the job for you, some days you may be tempted to give up entirely on your dental health routine. So don't give up yet—here are a few different toothpaste recommendations for you no matter what your specific problem might be.


If even the thought of brushing has you wincing in expected pain or covering your mouth to protect it, it might be time to turn to toothpaste specially made for sensitive mouths like yours. Sensitive toothpaste caters to those who have sensitive teeth for whatever reason. Cracked or worn down enamel, exposed tooth roots, or recent dental procedures can all cause a stinging sensation whenever chemicals (like those in toothpaste) or hot or cold food are introduced to your mouth. You can have sensitive teeth and still have a clean smile, and thanks to sensitive-teeth toothpaste, you can do it without any wincing come brushing time.

White and Bright Smiles

If you're not having any pain when you brush but do feel a twinge every time you notice the color difference between your tissues and your teeth, whitening toothpaste may be the best choice for you. Whitening toothpaste helps to brighten up the enamel on the outside of your teeth, giving you a whiter, brighter smile while also keeping your mouth clean and fresh at the same time. While the results won't be as immediate or drastic as, say, professional bleaching, whitening toothpastes can help move your teeth up a few noticeable notches on the color scale and give your smile the confidence it deserves.

Fun Flavors

If you're the type that tends to find brushing your teeth a chore and a half—or if the regular minty flavor of toothpaste has your nose burning and your eyes running every time you get near it—then flavored toothpaste might be right for you. Whether it's vanilla mint (a softer, sweeter take on mint that's mild enough for most people), bubblegum (the perennial childhood favorite), or wilder flavors like apricot, peach, eggplant, coffee, or even bacon that suits your palate, chances are good that you can find a toothpaste that not only doesn't have you running for a box of tissues every time you use it but also actually makes brushing your teeth a fun and pleasurable experience.