Winter Is Coming: Do You Know How To Protect Your Teeth?

Winter is finally settling in, which means it's time to pay close attention to your teeth. Not only can the cold weather be hard on your teeth, but so can some of the winter activities. Things like winter sports, and even the holidays, can spell disaster for your teeth. That's why it's so important that you give them the extra attention they need. Here are four steps you can take to protect your teeth this winter.

Be Prepared for the Cold

If you have sensitive teeth, the cold weather can be like biting down on an ice cube. This is particularly true if you breathe through your mouth. To help avoid the biting pain caused by cold weather try the following tips. First, try to breathe through your nose during the winter. If you have a hard time doing that,be sure to keep a scarf wrapped around your neck. When the cold gets too bad, you can slip the scarf up over your mouth. Second, carry a travel-cup filled with a warm beverage. The warm beverage will take the chill off your teeth, and alleviate the discomfort.

Know What You're Biting Into

Winter brings the holidays with it. That means you'll be enjoying lots of tasty holiday treats throughout the coming months. Before you start sampling the food, know what you're biting down on. The last thing you need is to bite down on something hard and accidentally chip your tooth in the process. Or, take a bite only to find out that it's filled with something sticky that pulls your crown off your tooth. Protect your teeth by always identifying what you're eating, before you take that first bite.

Invest in a Mouth Guard

This might not seem like something you'd need, but if you're going to be participating in winter sports, you definitely will. Snowboarding, sledding, and even snowball fights, can all lead to serious mouth injuries. Don't start playing in the snow until you have a mouth guard in place. If you've got kids, makes sure they have them too.

Get Injuries Looked at Quickly

You never know when an injury to your teeth is going to occur. If you do suffer a tooth injury this winter, you've got to get it looked at quickly. Even a small chip can turn into something more significant if it's not repaired in a timely manner. Contact a cosmetic dentist, and have them take care of the damage as soon as you can.

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