3 Advantages Dental Implants Have Over Real Teeth

Losing one of your real teeth is always upsetting, but it's not all bad news if the replacement you plan to get is a dental implant. Dental implants are excellent replacements for teeth that have fallen out, and they actually have a few surprising advantages over real teeth. Read on to learn what you have to look forward to with your new dental implant.

1. No Decaying

Tooth implants are made out of non-organic materials. This means that there's no living tissue that's at risk for the problems that real teeth are. In other words, your new dental implants can't rot from cavities. Bacteria and plaque can't do any damage to the porcelain and titanium that dental implants use. Also, the interior of teeth can become infected, but dental implants can't.

2. No Nerve Pain

Anyone who has lost a tooth has experienced dental nerve pain. Whether you lost your tooth due to a trauma, infection, disease, or any other problem, chances are there was discomfort deep in your jaw or at the base of the tooth. What you were experiencing was nerve pain.

The nerves inside your teeth send signals to the brain. When there's a problem, there's pain. If a nerve is impinged or gets infected, there's severe pain.

Dental implants mimic the structure and functionality of real teeth, but they lack nerves. If you bite into something hard or hot, there won't be any feedback coming through your dental implant that will hurt. Your gums will still be able to feel, though, so be careful not to hurt yourself!

3. Strength

Lastly, dental implants are typically stronger than real teeth. Real teeth can be quite strong, as their enamel is designed to put up with a lifetime of grinding, biting, and pressure. However, as the years go by and teeth are worn down through stress and decay, they become weaker and softer. Enamel thins out, and with nothing to protect the tooth, the softer dentin is exposed. This means that your tooth is more likely to get damaged due to stress or an injury.

Dental implants stay strong no matter what they go through. Without enamel and organic materials to be broken down by bacteria and plaque, your implant will stay as strong as the day you go it - and quite possibly stronger than your other teeth.

Dental implants are a fantastic way of repairing a smile and regaining the functionality of the tooth that's gone. However, they don't stop at that. You'll soon be enjoying these benefits by choosing dental implants as your tooth replacement. For more information, contact your preferred cosmetic dentist today!