Keeping The Peace Between Orthodontic Treatment And Healthy Meals

If you are planning to straighten your teeth with orthodontics, you should prepare for some disruption to your diet. This is because braces make it difficult to eat some types of foods. However, there are measures you can take to continue enjoying healthy meals without interfering with your orthodontic treatment. Here are some of those measures:

Adapting Your Cooking To Your Treatment

The first tip is to adapt your food preparation or cooking techniques to match your treatment needs. Specifically, you should prepare your food to be soft and not chewy so that they don't damage your orthodontics. Adapting your cooking methods will allow you to eat the same things and get the same nutrients without damaging your braces. For example, instead of roasting meat, you can stew it because it will be softer that way.

Cutting Your Food into Small Pieces

Another tip is to cut your food into small pieces because that makes them easy to chew. Something like beef or chicken may be difficult to eat in their usual sizes. However, cutting them into unusually small pieces will make it easier to eat them,

Exploring Various Foods

Various foods can give you the same nutrients so introducing your palate to new food delights may be a good way of getting all the nutrients you need. For example, you don't have to eat beef to get protein, nuts to get dietary fiber or popcorn to get carbohydrates. You can get protein from eggs and fiber plus carbohydrates from rice. You can sit down with a dietitian for further consultations on how to get all the nutrients you need from various foods.

Asking Your Dentist for Advice

Your dentist has handled orthodontic patients for years, and these patients have faced the same problems you are facing now. Therefore, your dentist has a wealth of information on what you can eat to maintain your good health even if some foods are restricted. This is particularly true if you are dealing with a local dentist because they know about the food varieties available locally.

Creating Ample Time for Eating

Lastly, it will also benefit you a great deal to create enough time for eating in your daily schedule. For one, eating will be slower (at least in the beginning) than usual if you have braces in the mouth. Secondly, you may also need to clean your teeth for longer than necessary after eating with braces. Lastly, some foods, such as hard bread, may be easier to handle if you have time because you have to cut them into small pieces.

Talk to your dentist about different types of braces, like Invisalign services, to learn more.