A Few Dental Implant Healing Mistakes To Avoid

If you have a surgical procedure scheduled to secure a dental implant in your mouth, then you will need to go through a fairly lengthy healing process. And during this process, you are more than likely to make a few mistakes. There are some common ones, so keep reading to learn what they are and what you should actually be doing. 

Mistake - Eating Lots Of Ice Cream

Your mouth will be quite sore the first day or two after implant surgery, and you should probably stick to a liquid diet. As you start feeling better, you can start adding more and more soft foods to your daily eating plan. And while it may seem like a good idea to start munching away at all of the ice cream and pudding you can get your hands on, this is probably a bad idea. These sweet items will cause your blood sugar to rise, and this can affect the healing process. Specifically, the sugar affects the way that blood flows to your tissues and also how well your hemoglobin can hold on to oxygen.

So, you want to stay away from all of the high-sugar foods and stick to soft ones that are low in sugar. You want to eat ones that are high in protein to help with tissue healing, so make yourself some scrambled eggs. Sugar-free yogurt is a good choice to add calcium to the diet, and you should invest in some meal replacement drinks and shakes. Fruits and vegetables can certainly add a great deal of nutrients, but you should think about making a smoothie in your blender instead of crunching on the raw foods.

Mistake - Skipping The Pain Medication

Dental implants involve the placement of a metal root device directly into the jaw. Your gums are cut to access the bone, and a drill is used to form the main opening. This might sound painful, and you will likely feel a good deal of discomfort for the first few days after your operation. This is why your dentist will prescribe a strong pain reliever that you should start taking immediately following your surgery.

You may not feel pain right away due to the anesthetics used, and this is one reason why you may choose not to take the prescribed medication. However, you should start taking it as soon as you get it and also every four to six hours as prescribed. Pain can be severe and come on suddenly, so it is wise to take the medicine as soon as you can. Not only will this reduce your discomfort and your anxiety, but it will allow you to sleep well at night, which will assist in the healing process. 

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