Chew Tobacco as a Baseball Player? Eliminate Your Bad Breath by Visiting a Dentist

Baseball is America's past time and a great way to have fun even as you get older. Unfortunately, you may be indulging in one of the bad habits that plagued many players in the past—chewing tobacco—and suffer from bad breath. Thankfully, dentists can help out.

Even Chewing Tobacco Can Be Damaging to Oral Health

As a lifelong baseball player, you've likely been a fan of chewing tobacco for a very long time. You've cut back heavily on your doses and done what you can to minimize your use of it. However, you still use it when you play baseball and find that your breath smells very badly after you are done.

Unfortunately, even occasional use of chewing tobacco is a health hazard that can seriously affect your oral health for years to come. This problem can become a very persistent issue that triggers bad breath that may affect you in a variety of ways on the field and off.

Bad Breath May Impact Your Self-Esteem

When you go to work with bad breath—triggered by your chewing tobacco—you are likely to feel uncomfortable interacting with others. This situation is one that many smokers and tobacco users experience at various points in their lives and it can be very frustrating and upsetting.

Even worse, your tobacco chewing and bad breath could be off-putting to your teammates, many of whom probably don't chew tobacco. They may make fun of you and increase your self-consciousness in a variety of ways. Avoid this problem by visiting your dentist right away.

How Dentists Can Help

If you find that your bad breath is affecting your self-esteem and you want to overcome this issue, you should stop chewing tobacco right away and talk to your dentist. Quitting tobacco will be a tough task—as nicotine is very addictive—but it is the wise decision for your overall health.

After you quit with chewing tobacco, your dentist can examine your oral health and identify any possible influences on your bad breath, such as tobacco hiding under your gums or rotting your teeth. They can then clean your mouth and fix any damage caused by your former bad habit.

So if you're a baseball player who is trying to get over the bad breath caused by their chewing tobacco, you should visit a dentist office to get the help that you need. These professionals will make sure that your teeth are clean and that you are as healthy as possible.