Denture Relining – At Home Or In The Office?

In many cases, when you get dentures, you assume that most of the expense and discomfort that you've experienced over the years is over. Unfortunately, dentures don't mean an end to expenses or discomfort. Over time, the denture that fit your mouth perfectly when the dentist first placed it will become loose fitting and uncomfortable. When you take a bite out of food, the back portion of the denture pops out of place, or when you sneeze, the denture tries to fly out of your mouth.

2 Mistakes To Avoid When Trying To Prevent Tartar Buildup On Your Teeth

When trying to keep tartar from building up on your teeth, you may already perform regular oral hygiene that includes brushing and flossing a few times a day. However, there are some things you may be doing that could be contributing to the formation of the sticky substance on your teeth. When trying to prevent tartar buildup, avoid making the following mistakes. Eating a Snack Before Bedtime If you tend to go to bed later in the evening, you may regularly eat a snack before bedtime.

Have Dental Phobia? How To Make Your Annual Cleanings Bearable

Have Dental Phobia? How to Make Your Annual Cleanings Bearable If you keep putting off a teeth cleanings and get anxious thinking about a dental visit, you may have a dental phobia. Colgate says that millions of Americans have dental phobias. Some phobias are caused by bad experiences or because the patient fears pain. Some people develop dental phobia because they feel like they don't have control over the situation, or they are ashamed of their poor health.