Dental Bonding: A Less Invasive Solution For Chipped Front Teeth?

Suffering a chip on one or more of your front teeth can be a painful experience, and the visible damage left behind can put a big dent in your self-confidence. Severe chips can even interfere with your ability to eat and speak clearly. If you have chipped front teeth, you may be considering having them repaired with dental veneers. However, having veneers fitted can be quite an invasive and involved procedure.

3 Possible Causes Of Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be incredibly annoying, and it can be difficult to determine the cause in some cases. While some pain may not be too serious, others may indicate a possible dental emergency. If you would like to know more, check out these three possible causes of tooth pain. 1. Sensitivity Everyone may feel some level of discomfort when their teeth touch something too hot or too cold, but for some, it can be debilitating.

How Can You Prevent And Treat Swimmer's Calculus?

Swimming has a ton of health benefits since it's a total-body workout that doesn't strain the joints. However, if you or a family member swims frequently each week, one condition you should be aware of is swimmer's calculus. Calculus is hardened dental plaque that's mainly composed of saliva, bacteria, and mineral deposits. Swimmer's calculus occurs when chlorine that's used in swimming pools leaves residue on teeth. Swimmer's calculus can cause tooth stains and even lead to enamel erosion.

Key Reasons Not To Overlook Replacing Your Missing Teeth

Although everyone desires to have a beautiful smile and to retain their teeth their whole life, some situations can cause one to lose one or several teeth. For instance, you can lose teeth due to a dental infection, poor oral hygiene, or an injury. When this happens, it will be best to replace them. If you fail to do this, you will be vulnerable to dental issues like tooth decay and bone loss.