4 Ways To Change The Shape Of A Tooth

Do you have one tooth that stands out from the rest -- and not in a good way? Whether that tooth is small, large, or otherwise misshapen there are a few cosmetic dentistry treatments that can help. The final result will make you feel more confident and might even serve a practical purpose like correcting a bite problem. Here are a few of the common ways a cosmetic dentist, such as Sunshine Dentistry, reshapes a tooth.

Dental Aesthetics And The Elements Of The Perfect Smile

For some people, improving their smile means making sure to brush and floss regularly so that their natural teeth are as healthy as they can be. For others, the pursuit of perfection involves careful shaping of gums and teeth through dentistry. But how do people having cosmetic dentistry decide what their perfect smile would look like? Actually, there are a lot of concrete ideas behind cosmetic dentistry. It's a careful balancing act between what looks most attractive, what fits best with a patient's face, and what looks most natural.

Vegetarian Foods With A One-Two Oral Health Punch

If you are considering switching – or have already switched – to a vegetarian diet, you may have heard that it's a good idea to talk to a doctor or nutritionist to make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need. But don't overlook talking to your dentist as well. Your nutritional intake can have a big impact on the health and strength of your teeth and gums. One of the most important nutritional combinations for oral health is vitamin D and calcium.

How Chipped Teeth Are Repaired

It's scary just how easy it can be to chip a tooth. It can be done while you are in the act of doing the most routine of things, including eating your favorite snack. A chipped tooth not only leaves your smile looking off, but it can also lead to tooth decay. If the tooth is chipped bad enough, it can even become infected or possibly be lost entirely. Below are some of the ways you can have your chipped tooth repaired.

Oral Health: Coconut Oil & Its Dental Benefits

The ancient Ayurveda practice of oil pulling gives a boost to oral detoxification and hygiene. When oil is swished in the mouth for 20 minutes, dangerous fungi, bacteria, and other toxic materials and microorganisms are pulled from the gums, mouth, teeth, and throat. The best oil to use is organic coconut oil, but organic sesame oil is also effective. Daily oil pulling will improve your oral health without any side effects.