3 Things To Look For In A Dental Supplies Distributor

If you run a small dental practice, then you need to take extra care to choose the right medical supplies distributor. You need to source the quality equipment and supplies you need at the right time and at the right budget.

Before you choose a distributor, ask the following questions.

1. Does Their Product Range Meet Your Needs?

While you can use more than one dental supplies company, you might prefer to keep things simple. If you partner up with a supplier who can meet all of your needs, then you have one ordering and invoicing point.

In this case, you should look for companies that supply a wide range of dental equipment and products. They should sell the everyday supplies you'll order regularly as well as the larger pieces of equipment that you'll only buy periodically, such as autoclaves and X-ray machines.

Look for suppliers who embrace new products and technologies. While you'll get into the habit of using certain products, you need to keep your eye on the ball here. If other dentists are using new products or technologies, then you need access to them too.

2. Can They Meet Your Delivery Needs?

As a small practice, you might not have the same buying power as a large group. However, you have every right to expect to be treated as a valued customer. You want reliable shipping times for regular orders and fast dispatch for urgent orders.

Ask suppliers where they ship their products from. If they warehouse their lines on the other side of the country, you need to know that they can expedite your orders.

It might pay to look for local distributors or companies that have a warehouse close to your location. If this isn't feasible, look for suppliers with guaranteed delivery times that suit your needs.

3. What Else Can They Offer You?

Medical supplies distributors often offer additional services that you might find useful. For example, you might get a dedicated account rep. This is a good option to have.

As the rep gets to know you, they can get you good deals and suggest new lines that might fit your practice. Some companies also offer loyalty plans and discount schemes.

Look for suppliers that will give you free samples to try when they launch new products. You don't want to waste money switching from a tried and tested disposable to a new one only to find that you don't like it. If you can try before you buy, then you can make a considered decision.

To get started, contact medical supplies distributors and ask about their dental services.