3 Potential Treatments For Dental Avulsion

Dental avulsion occurs when trauma knocks a tooth out of its socket in the jawbone. Treatment for such a tooth loss depends on whether or not the tooth is preserved at the scene and taken immediately to your general or family dentist. If the tooth isn't found, there are dental replacement options. Reusing: Replantation If you take the full tooth immediately to a dentist, the tooth could be saved through replantation.

Beta Blockers May Or May Not Be Helpful To Patients Seeking Dental Implants

Dental implants are absolutely preferred by a significant number of people facing tooth loss over the option of wearing removable dentures. Implanting bridges directly into the jaw bone allows the prosthetics to look and serve in a way indistinguishable from real teeth. No one will be aware of any differences. The one issue to contend with when undergoing dental implants is rejection. The bone in the jaw has to affix properly to the screws.

Dental Sealants: A Good Preventative Measure For Your Child's Teeth

So many kids end up with cavities in the pits of their molars in spite of regular tooth brushing and flossing. It's just hard to clean these pits thoroughly – food often gets stuck and can't be brushed out effectively with a toothbrush, especially when it's wielded by a kid who does not have that much brushing practice. Thankfully, there is a way to protect against cavities in the pits of molars: sealants.

How Can I Pay for Dental Veneers?

Cosmetic dentistry treatments can be a great thing for improving your appearance and your confidence, and veneers are no exception. But the cost of cosmetic treatments is prohibitive to many people. There are a few things to try when you're interested in a cosmetic veneers treatment; it may be easier to finance than you think. Insurance Many bare bones dental coverage programs won't pay for cosmetic dentistry treatments. Even if your employer health care comes with a set dental plan, it doesn't hurt to ask your HR department if there's anything else available.

Halloween Is Here! Consider These Tooth-Healthy Substitutes For Your Favorite Treats

Halloween has arrived! This is a holiday dedicated to spooks, spirits, and everything sweet. While gum and candy are delicious, your tooth health really does not benefit when you snack on sugary Halloween treats all week. Here are a few tooth-friendly alternatives to consider for your Halloween parties and trick-or-treat experiences. Cheese and Pretzel Brooms These are a super-cute addition to your Halloween party table. All you need is mozzarella cheese sticks and miniature pretzel sticks.