3 Dental Tips Your Teenager Needs To Know

As a parent, you want the best for your child. From a good education and healthy body to love and compassion, you will want to give your child everything. Teaching younger children the importance of brushing and seeing their dentist can be difficult, but your teen will be able to understand the reasons behind these tasks. With these tips, you can instill the proper steps needed to protect the look and underlying health of your teenager's smile.

Dental Crowns: What You Need To Know

Dental crowns are a dental implant that is used for a number of reasons. They mimic your actual tooth and are put in place by your dentist to help protect, support or restore your tooth. Crowns can be made of different materials such as metal or porcelain. Metal may stand out in your mouth, so porcelain is used to help the crown blend with your teeth. See below for some helpful information about dental crowns.

Winter Is Coming: Do You Know How To Protect Your Teeth?

Winter is finally settling in, which means it's time to pay close attention to your teeth. Not only can the cold weather be hard on your teeth, but so can some of the winter activities. Things like winter sports, and even the holidays, can spell disaster for your teeth. That's why it's so important that you give them the extra attention they need. Here are four steps you can take to protect your teeth this winter.

Six Tips For Those With New Complete Dentures

Dentures can have a tremendous impact on your level of confidence, bolstering how you look and feel. But they also take a little time to get accustomed to. If you've just received complete dentures, you may want some advice on a number of things, from what to eat all the way to caring for your appliance. Here are six simple tips for making the adjustment as smooth as possible. 1. Eat easy-to-chew foods

3 Signs Your Teen May Be Experimenting With DIY Braces

A disturbing new trend is putting teenager at risk: DIY orthodontics. Some teens who are concerned about the appearance of their teeth are trying to straighten them on their own, without the guidance of a trained orthodontist. Unfortunately, teens do not understand the complex process of gently shifting teeth, and their unsupervised efforts can result in damage to teeth, gums, and bones. Below are some signs to watch out for that may indicate your child is trying or is thinking about trying homemade orthodontics: