What Are Holistic Dentistry Services?

Holistic health care is a type of health care that focuses on the overall wellness of a person's entire body. This type of care is based on the idea that the human body is a complex set of interconnected systems. Holistic health care can even extend into the realm of dentistry. Some people prefer to seek holistic dentistry services instead of more traditional dental care.

If you're interested in natural health care, then holistic dentistry services may be a good choice for you. These are four aspects of holistic dental care:

1. Focus On Nutrition

Much like traditional dentistry, holistic dentistry focuses on the prevention of dental problems. Traditional and holistic dental practitioners both agree that too much sugar in a person's diet can lead to cavities. However, holistic dentists place a greater emphasis on the role of nutrition in good dental hygiene. Holistic dentists can serve as nutritional consultants for their patients. A holistic dentist will encourage you to eat a whole-food, plant-based diet that is high in calcium and vitamin D, two essential nutrients that build strong and healthy teeth.

2. Stress Reduction Techniques

Too much stress can be bad for your entire body, including your teeth. People with excess stress are more likely to grind their teeth, which can cause dental enamel erosion and cracked teeth. Holistic dentists may prescribe natural mindfulness techniques, such as meditation. Regular medication can reduce your stress levels and alleviate issues like bruxism.

3. Emphasis on Natural Treatments 

Holistic dentists believe that natural modalities of treatment are best. Whenever possible, your holistic dentist will start with natural, noninvasive dental treatments to see if they resolve your dental problems. Holistic dentists eschew the use of fluoride, a chemical that is widely used in traditional dentistry. Instead of recommending that patients use fluoride toothpaste, holistic dentists may recommend that patients clean their teeth with herbal tooth powder. Tooth powder is an effective way to remove plaque from the teeth, preventing the buildup of tartar and the formation of cavities.

4. Avoidance of Heavy Metals

Heavy metals can have deleterious side effects when introduced into the human body in high concentrations. Historically, amalgam was used as a dental filling, but amalgam is made of a mixture of different kinds of metal, including mercury. Holistic dentists perform filling treatments when patients have cavities. However, they avoid using materials containing heavy metal in their treatments. Holistic dentists exclusively use tooth-colored composite resin to treat cavities.