Do You Need To Worry About Dental Implants When Going Through Security?

People who travel a great deal or go through security at places like work on a regular basis may go out of their way to avoid triggering security checks, like metal detectors. If this is a part of your regular routine, you might wonder if the possibility of getting dental implants could mean trouble for you down the line. It's reasonable to have concerns like this, so here's a quick look at this issue and what you can do to keep it from being a problem.


To be clear, it's true that the metal found in dental implants can potentially set off metal detectors. Dental implants are typically made with a porcelain crown on top, which doesn't have any impact on metal scans or visual scans, like those found in airport security. However, the titanium peg that secures it in place is another matter. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you'll have any problems when going through security.

Common Dental Procedures

Dental implants, like other common dental procedures, utilize metal. If every person who ever had a cavity repaired with a metal crown, those with braces, or dental applications like bridges was flagged down by security every time, security lines wouldn't ever go anywhere. In the event that your dental implant sets off a metal detector, a simple check with a metal detecting wand will reveal where the metal is located. Considering that the biggest concerns security is searching for with the average metal detector are things like hidden weapons, simply recognizing that the only metal on your person is in your mouth is likely enough to get you waved through.


In the event that this isn't enough to make you feel secure, though, you can always ask your dentist for official documentation. A signed letter stating that you have dental implants made of metal in your mouth will allow you to pass through security without a headache. You can bring this letter with you anytime you go through security, whether heading to the job or going through an airport. Between a simple wand scan and this letter, it's extremely unlikely that anyone will trouble you regarding your dental implants.

Dental implants are one of the best and longest-lasting methods of teeth replacement because of the titanium peg that keeps them in place. Thankfully, most security personnel have protocols and training in place to acknowledge when someone has a medical excuse for metal to be on their person. If you have further concerns or questions about dental implants, make sure to reach out to a dentist.